There’s fanfic, and then there’s homage.

Fanfic is usually written to satisfy the writer; filled with the fan’s desires of what he’d like to see come to pass. Since the focus is the writer’s satisfaction, it often happens that no one but the writer is satisfied after reading.

Then there’s homage, which is written to honor the original work. Any true fan can appreciate a good homage, and it may even succeed in converting the uninitiated.

Boogeymen is the best homage to horror movies I’ve ever read. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, this was my first foray into writing of this genre, so my word may not be worth much to hardcore fans. But I can say this: I laughed a lot and was thoroughly satisfied when I was finally done ripping through it.

The premise of Prisco’s novelette is that two boys inadvertently summon all the scariest creatures in horror history to participate in a battle royale to establish who is the scariest monster of them all. Much blood is shed in a myriad of creative ways. Not only is there plenty of gore for hardcore horror fans, but there’s also an abundance of snappy dialogue, salty insults, and hilarious exposition, which anyone who enjoys witty writing can appreciate.

Be forewarned that there is lots of gore and strong language (as the MPAA puts it). But Boogeymen is a fantastically satisfying read for fans of the genre and fans of a well-crafted tale alike.



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